Travel Requirements & Visas

South Africa is open and we are ready to shoot!

Dear clients and friends,

We have put together the following quick view document covering updated entry and COVID requirements.

Please bear in mind the procedure for travellers deemed ‘Oversight’ (Directors / DOP’s / Producers / Production Designers / Agency and Client) is different to those who are ‘Specialist’ travellers (Talent / Stylists / Technical crew)

  • A certified, negative PCR Covid test, dated no more than 72 hours prior to departure.
  • The standard LOA (letter of invitation) required for all film industry travellers to South Africa. I AM CONTENT apply for this letter on your behalf – please allow 24 hours.
  • Special permission letter from The Department of Home Affairs to travel for business purposes for anyone departing from a high-risk country (the South African government are categorising countries as low, medium and high risk; this list will be updated every 2 weeks).  I AM CONTENT apply for this letter on your behalf – please allow 48 hours.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of travel insurance with cover in place for personal Covid expenses (medical expenses, quarantine etc).

All passengers will be screened upon arrival in South Africa.
Provided you show no symptoms and have presented a negative PCR Covid test, you will be permitted to proceed into arrivals. No quarantine required.
Anyone showing any possible Covid symptoms will be required to go into mandatory self-isolation (at their own accommodation and expense) until they test negative.
All travellers must download the Covid App on arrival purely for any track and trace requirements.
No quarantine is required unless you fail to produce a negative test or you are showing symptoms on arrival.

Nationals of a visa-exempt country: if you are categorised as “Oversight”
(this includes producers, directors, DPs, agency and clients), then you will need to present an Oversight Visa Authority letter to immigration upon arrival, as usual.

No need to visit the Embassy. As your service company, we will provide this Letter of Authority for you.

Travellers from non-visa exempt countries and any crew categorised as “specialist” (including talent) will need to apply to their nearest South African Embassy in person for a visa, as before.  Currently Embassies in UK and France are temporarily shut so they cannot issue visa’s. We are waiting for further details as this is based on lock-downs in individual countries.

You need to know that your production is a safe one, we prep and shoot responsibly!

Safety Protocols:
The South African Commercial Producers Association (CPA) developed a strict set of Safety Protocols for production almost immediately after our initial nationwide lockdown.

Film production within South Africa has been greenlit since May 2020 and our crew and teams are well-practised in working with the protocols.

Production carries on as per (new) normal with a few changes:
Numbers are limited to 75 people on any one set or basecamp.
Where numbers are above 75, we use more basecamps and shuttle people accordingly.

These numbers are currently under review now that we are on Level 1.

Safety Officers:
We have an official Covid Safety Officer on every set.
They screen everyone on arrival and ensure that the protocols are strictly adhered to.

Takes on significant importance to ensure everything is in place and in accordance with the safety protocols, especially when we’re shooting on location.

Some of our clients have asked us about extra costs associated with the safety protocols. These vary according to the size and logistics of the shoot as well as on your personal requirements so please contact us for more info.

Day to day life:
Masks are mandatory for everyone when out in public, on set, in the office etc; everyone must sanitize their hands at the entrance to all shops, restaurants, public buildings etc.
On arrival at the I AM CONTENT office we screen & log your temperature.
Sanitizers are placed throughout the office, in vehicles and in your gift bags.

Restaurants are open with tables positioned to allow social distancing. There is a general curfew between 12 midnight and 4am.
This will not affect any shoot schedule as we will be able to get permits to waive this; you just need to be aware of it if you’re out in the evening.
We’ll keep you updated should any of these measures change.
For any questions or if you need more information about filming, health and safety or your travel and visa requirements please contact us.

Annelize, Carmen and Martin are on hand and we will walk you through every step of the process.

We are ready!

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Take care and stay safe and hope to see you soon.